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 Post subject: WtA Location: Lou's Gym
PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 8:53 am 

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Lou's Gym, a place known among the Garou as a safe place is a boxing Gym owned and ran by a Get of Fenris kin named Lou Halder. (This room has existed in other places too, and is open for use by anyone, just be respectful of the setting, and don't burn the place down)

The place was unassuming from the outside, a regular brick and mortar building, standing on the side of the road, a bit off the beaten path. The sign over the door says "Lou's Gym" and looks like it's been there forever. Once inside, though, the gym itself is fresh and clean. It still has mostly old equipment, but well-cared for and maintained. Not a speck of dust, and no sponsored brands. Nothing fancy, no frills, just boxing rings, punching bags, medicine balls, etc. It has a few added training items, things for flexibility, and of course it has treadmills, rowing machines and training bikes. There's all sorts of gloves and pads for training.

The one fancy thing the gym offers is a full sauna and steam room facility, there's even a bubble bath. These are accessible through the changing areas.

Lou is a retired former US Army Sergeant and boxer. He is originally from Minnesota, and with roots going back to the old country (unclear which country that is, but supposedly one of the Scandinavian ones) Lou started the Gym after his career in the army and as a boxer, but a lot of his life is a mystery, and Lou isn't one to brag about it.

Lou is widely respected among the Garou who frequent his gym, and they're all protective of him. The gym has Garou members of just about every tribe. While open for everyone, most people find the mix of rage and fighting rings to be reason to give the place a wide berth, but if that doesn't bother you, Lou's gym sports some of the best equipment, and a fully equipped Sauna and Steam room.

Lou has a lot of rumors surrounding him:

* That he fought in the war (any war from the start of the 20th century to today, but the world wars are generally discredited as unlikely)

* That he once knocked out a frenzied Garou in crinos with a single punch

* That he was a Garou who suffered Harano and lost his wolf

* That he's actually not a kin, but a spirit of war made manifest

* Any number of war stories applicable to a soldier...

Lou appears to be in his late sixties, with grey hair, neatly shaved and in great shape, even if his body is losing mass. How old he really is? You'd have to find out by either asking (which is rude) or stealing the man's ID (ruder) Nobody around seems to know him well enough to have known him before the gym.

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