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 Post subject: Changeling Freehold
PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:05 am 
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Hyp's Hideaway: A hostel converted from a house on approximately two acres of private land on the edge of town.


Accessibility: Changeling only Commoners Freehold. You would have only heard of it through word of mouth from other Fae. If you know at least one other Fae, you know about this place. Open to all Fae and their guests for visiting.

Cost: Visiting is free. Donations are accepted.
Rooms only available to Fae. Room fee (cash only) does apply. Floor (or hammock on request) space available in a common sleep area for much less. However, if you have no cash, you can have floor space in exchange for doing odd jobs around the house.

First floor: Main door opens to a set of stairs going up and a counter with an office behind it. There is a large common sleeping room, average sized meeting room, shared restroom, private apartment for a caretaker, kitchen area, and expansive open commons room with a large fireplace which holds the bale fire. The door to the garden is in the kitchen.

Second floor: Private rooms and shared bathrooms. Each room has its on lock, a twin bed, night stand, desk, coat rack and chest of drawers. Each bathroom has three "private" toilets, communal sinks and and three enclosed showers.

Basement: Shared restroom, private rooms, and a caretaker's private apartment.

Garden: Small pond, trees, shrubbery, flowers, and tool shed with work bench area.

Security: The Troll at the desk, required fire compliance equipment (fire extinguishers on each floor and smoke detectors in every room), locked doors, and property privacy fence. Management (or what there is of it) is not responsible for stolen or missing items. Every Fae is responsible for keeping the place.

OOC: This is a place to hang out, meet other Fae who do more than hang out in the entryway, and maybe kick off your own story lines and such. There is no one person in charge IC. Please have fun and respect the fun of other players. Thank you for playing. :mrgreen:

 Post subject: Re: Changeling Freehold
PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:29 am 

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some staff

Kansas Fairchild, assistant groundskeeper
A laid back satyr who's almost more delicate than the flower beds he's supposed to be taking care of. He can usually be found practicing the banjo underneath a cypress tree at the edge of the freehold's grounds. The old-fashioned cylindrical mower nearby is probably just for show.

Simon the Tailor, clerk (and tailor to the fashionably inclined)
Slender for a boggan, but no less organised for it. He arranges bookings (sometimes), cleans rooms (when the other staff are busy), and manages the laundry (because nobody else will), but those who know him best prize him for his nose for fashion. Rumour has it that he was official court tailor to a duchy until unforeseen circumsctances led to his banishment.

player of such awesome dudes as Bobby Morganson and Simon The Tailor

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