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 Post subject: Thunder and Fire Upon the Moving Earth
PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:14 pm 

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Necropolis News Network, Morning News
October 19, 2012

Early this morning, residents in the foothills and lakeside were shaken awake by what some incorrectly described as a short, but vigorous earthquake. I'm Ann Dyne; This is Necropolis Morning News.

Shortly after four this morning, the Foothills Bank and Trust was destroyed by what seems to be a controlled building demolition. A series of explosives were detonated inside the building in such a way to cause the building to collapse into itself, causing only minor damage to neighboring vehicles and buildings, aside from shattered windows. Authorities report that an call reported the bomb threat and that authorities on the scene found a timed device. Unfortunately, attempts to disarm the device resulted in the deaths of two NMPD explosives experts and one paramedic. Their names are being withheld at the request of their families. Authorities have not yet named any suspects, but they are questioning a number of persons of interest.

The bank's President, when reached for comment, reassured account holders and the FDIC has already been contacted, deposits have been electronically accounted for, and all bank members' accounts will be honored at FBT's other branches. He went on to note that he is optimistic that the vault was not destroyed in this blast, and that most safety deposit boxes should be safe and recovered, once it is unearthed from the rubble.

Our own reporters note that agents from Homeland Security and the FBI have been seen at the investigation site. Our viewers will undoubtedly recall the accidental implosion of the Westend Parking Complex a week ago. Officially ruled an accident, federal authorities have opened an investigation into that explosion as well, given the similarity of these two blasts, noting that two implosions within a week of one another is too small a coincidence to ignore.

Federal authorities are asking for citizens to maintain a highened state of awareness to their surroundings, and report any suspicious activities or persons to the domestic terrorism tip hotline, 1-888-NO BOMBS.

In other news, victims of last week's Westend blast are beginning to feel the pinch of a recent rash of blood bank closures. Three blood banks around town have been shut down, pending a Homeland Security and Trade Commission investigation of their possible link to terrorist organizations. A fourth and fifth blood bank were shut down following a rash of virus- and drug-contaminated blood supplies. The remaining banks in the city, particularly following the recent rash of violent crimes, are reporting serious difficulties with keeping up with demand. The Red Cross has announced that they will be brining several of their Bloodmobiles to area high school and college campuses for an aggressive blood drive. Details are available at the Red Cross website, or by calling 555-BLUD.

 Post subject: Re: Thunder and Fire Upon the Moving Earth
PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:49 pm 

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The DMZ, blog post for October 19, 2012

They're at it again. Whatever psycopath blew up the parking garage a week ago just struck one more time, and I'm telling you, folks, the police in this town are all morons because it took them this goddamn long to figure out that the same person did it. Did what, I hear you ask?

Well, somebody went and bombed a bank. You read it here first, gentle viewers, this morning, at 4:02 A.M. (Eastern time), the Foothills Bank and Trust was destroyed by carefully-placed implosion charges. Police were called into the scene at about 3:30, but what a surprise, Necropolis's Finest (HA!) couldn't disarm it.


Or wouldn't?

You all know how I feel about the rampaging military-industrial complex in our once-great nation and in this never-great city, but come on, folks, you don't need to be a genius (like me) to put the pieces together, do you? Obviously, this has something to do with Pentex. Four of that bank's major account-holders have shares in various companies and conglomerates that are all owned by the poisonous hydra that is Pentex. Now, I know what you're saying: "D-Man, my main man, O Captain, My Captain, Pentex doesn't exist! You're just being a paranoid lunatic!" Well a little paranoia might have kept Pearl Harbor from being bombed. A little paranoia started the Revolutionary War! Only constant vigilance is keeping us from being overtaken here, and as God is my witness, I'm not about to let us all be opiate-addicted wage-slaves suckling at the teat of a faceless megacorporation.

But anyway, this attack was clearly a premeditated strike against Pentex's assets in this city. The pigs who bought it in the blast, well, they're some collateral damage, but you can't make a freedom omelette without breaking some evil eggs, well, can you? To whoever blew up that bank? Thank you, sir or madame! You have my admiration and my respect, along with the admiration and respect of everyone in this city who isn't asleep at the wheel, letting the corporate overlords take over a little more of our world each day.

This is DMZ, signing off. Later, bitches!

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