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Looking for any signs of garou in the area....
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Author:  Kurt Jeager [ Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:44 am ]
Post subject:  Looking for any signs of garou in the area....

:: Kurt sat at a table in a roadside diner, his coffee letting of wisps of unnoticed steam, as his eyes scan the pages of the daily paper looking for signs of unnatural events. This is the start of a daily ritual. Coffee, read paper, listen to the other patrons in the diner and enjoy his new found liking for waffles and bacon for breakfast. ::

Author:  shihakken wendigo [ Fri Jun 29, 2018 4:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for any signs of garou in the area....

"Scarlet enters the diner for breakfast and a cup of coffee from working her shift as a Forest Ranger up in the wilderness before going home. Some of the patrons keep looking at her and she is use to it being native american, with a Government badge on her deer skin leather jacket and skirt, which is free flowing and her hair in braids with feathers and beads. She senses another of her kind or has the scent of one. She sits down at a table with her back to the wall, and is cautious now since the smell she smell before is still here. It's been a while since she meet another of her kind, but her job does not leave any room for anything much, since there has been bodies found away from the marked trails. Several hikers discovered markings on the trees and dead bodies naked. The scent of Wyrm was strong. She knew the Wyrm only attacks shifters or newly shifters just transformed and being hotheaded. The waitress comes over as Scarlet gives her order as she sips her coffee, looking around and on guard. She needs to make sure whoever is here does not cause trouble, cause she is tired and bitchy from investigating this murder.=, as well as making sure humans do not find out we exist."

Author:  FyreHawk78 [ Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for any signs of garou in the area....


-Adina would come into the diner as it was near the forest she tended to like to go sometimes when she needed to clear her head, her hair was down and she had a t shirt on and some jeans, the greyish blue eyes of hers seemed rather dull and distant as she would go in and find a seat near the window, her jeep was parked out in the parking lot, she would order the coffee and some eggs, toast and bacon, she did note the ranger and her attire and smiled lightly, good to see Native Americans were still about, she respected them alot, she had Grecian features herself (PB 3 BF rage 3) she would sip her coffee after adding alot of sugar and creamer to it and stared down at the absence of where a ring had been she shook her head to clear her thoughts-

(Since there seems to be two of the same posts i will post this here as well :) )

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