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Hunter the Vigil - (Europe:1944)
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Author:  BlueBerri [ Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Hunter the Vigil - (Europe:1944)

( I'm looking to see if anyone would be interested in a Vigil game set during World War Two. Message me here, Reply here, or Mail me at Wynterdark@yahoo.com if you are interested.)

On September 26, 1944, the Germans penetrated the Dutch resistance network, which was part of Valkyrie. The Germans, sensing they could use this newfound information to their advantage, ordered Noel to report to England as if nothing happened. Noel did as the Germans demanded; he transmitted a normal message with one caveat. He left out his secret security check. This was standard procedure. Noel knew the London receivers would realize that he had been captured if they received a message without his security code.
Knowing the circuit had more than likely been compromised members of project Valkyrie who are part of the OSS and the SOE turned to Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces. Unfortunately, no one working for General Dwight Eisenhower, neither Americans nor Brits really cared. Nearly four months after the D-Day invasion of Normandy Allied forces were preparing for the largest airborne invasion in history: Operation Market Garden. Outraged with Ike and SHEAF, Valkyrie turned to Office of Strategic Services Director Wild Bill Donovan to get irrefutable evidence about what the Germans already know about Market Garden.
The OSS had snatched a scientist out from under the noses of the German SS recently who reported that the Germans have both nerve gas and germ warfare programs and depots in Antwerp, and that various members of the Dutch Resistance had indeed been jailed where he was kept. Now, as the Allies get ready to begin a massive invasion of Holland by air and ground forces, British and American intelligence forces attached to Operation Valkyrie have been ordered to organize and carry out a mission to confirm or deny the existence of nerve gas or biological weapons in Antwerp, make contact with or find out what happened to their comrades, and get a radio operational for any further missions designed to help the Allied advance.

If your are interested let me know here or at Wynterdark@yahoo.com

This game will not be strictly a military or fighting storyline as many of the heavy NPC's are Dutch Citizens and their are room for all kinds of Hunters, whether attached to the Armies, or from some European country.

Read more: http://unmodsnwod.freeforums.net/index. ... page=1#159#ixzz2PdvauBiV

(An example of a possible common scene setting. An OSS/SOE safe house full of members of the Valkyrie conspiracy.)
The Pub, in OSS Whidbey House Station, Kent England

*The pub was a very large dark oak paneled room with 25 foot high ceilings from which heavy ornate chandeliers hung at the end of long thick chains. The pub was packed. A dull roar of lively conversation filled the room. Clouds of cigarette and pipe smoke floating up and around the chandeliers. Against one wall was the cocktail bar also of dark oak and it was busy with a standing room only crowd of men two deep. Opposite the bar were tall French doors that led out onto a stone terrace that was overlooking the rolling country hills and barely visible in the distance, perimeter fencing and concertina wire. The pubs old scuffed upright piano, one more or less still in tune, was angled off the wall at the far end of the bar. A tall big boned American Army Lieutenant, with Hungarian features and who’s foot was in a brand new plaster of paris cast, sat at it expertly banging out a lively version of Alexander’s Ragtime Band. His half empty high ball cocktail glass sat on the scarred varnish of the piano lid vibrating with the tune. At the far end of the room was a ten foot tall carved stone fireplace surrounded by a wall of bookcases and on either side of the fire place, appearing as if sentries on duty, stood a pair of ancient suits of armor. The one on the right with a cigar butt strategically placed, one might say crammed in its face shield. A battered USAAC cotton twill and leather brimmed crush cap sat atop its helmet and a woolen scarf with the royal steward tartan pattern wrapped around its neck. Around the room were arrangements of large and small circular tables with heavy sofas and arm chairs covered in age softened dark green English leather. Like the bar, the sofas and chairs were filled with an animated crowed of drinkers and smokers.*

(A character of mine & The Storyline Setting)

Vigil - 1944
Introducing Liz
Elizabeth Straat was born Mary Elizabeth Cole in Paris, France, on 26 June 1927, the second child of a German mother and an English taxi-driver father, who had met during World War I. The family moved to London, and she attended school in Brixton until the age of 14. At the start of World War II, she was working at the perfume counter of Le Bon Marché, a department store in Brixton. Mary met Maarten Straat, a French officer of Dutch descent, at the Bastille Day parade in London in 1940. They had a whirlwind 42 day romance and secretly married before he went to war in North Africa. Mary was 15, Maarten was 28. In October 1942 Maarten died from chest wounds at the Battle of El Alamein.
It was Maarten's death that made Mary Straat, having already joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service in 1941 (The ATS was the women's branch of the British Army during the Second World War), decide to offer her services to the Churchill's Special Operations Executive (SOE). After an assessment for fluency in German and a series of interviews, she was determined to be an asset as an SOE agent for her linguistic skills, youth, and striking beauty.
Training began in June 1943 at 64 Baker Street and her papers described her as well-educated for her youth, well above average intelligence, thoughtful, practical, and quick. She received intensive training in how to read individuals, persuasive seduction and subterfuge skills, escape and evasion, both Allied and German weapons, how to be swift and lethal in close-quarters with a knife, demolitions, explosive creation, how to work black markets and negotiate, and brief training in communications and cryptography. Her comrades often comment that Mary Straat was adored by the men and women of SOE both for her courage and endless infectious cockney laughter. But with time pressing, her call to arms came despite one instructor's feeling that she needed more training.
First Mission
An ankle injury during parachute training delayed her deployment until 5 April 1944, when she parachuted into German-occupied Belgium, near Brussels. Under the codename "Liz", which also happened to be her nickname, she and SOE colleague Tim Kuipers reorganized a Resistance network that had been broken up by the Germans. She led the new group in sabotaging road and railway bridges. Her wireless reports to SOE headquarters on the local factories producing war materials for the Germans were important in establishing Allied bombing targets. She returned to England by Lysander on 30 April 1944, landing at RAF Tempsford, after an intense but successful first mission.
Second Mission
On August 5, 1944, again under the codename “Liz”, she was dropped into the night northwest of Antwerp, Belgium, with a radio operator called Noel. After the Normandy Invasion in France, Belgium had become a place of paranoia and suspicion marked by constant feuding. Three of her colleagues were summarily shot for being suspected as traitors by the underground, another hardly survived a bungled assassination attempt by a comrade over an internal power struggle, and her circuit organizer was betrayed by her own underground contacts and turned over to the Gestapo.
This left Liz as the only active agent near Antwerp. In this atmosphere Liz had to use all her instincts to survive and managed to remain undiscovered for two months on her own. She had been sending a stream of vital information she had gained about a stockpile of both nerve gas and germ warfare weapons meant to decimate Antwerp to prevent the Allies from using the port city when it is captured. Just when things seemed to be going fairly good, along comes a major problem and messes up the situation.....

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