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 Post subject: MEKTON ZETA Side Game
PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:22 pm 

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***Work in Progress***

Mekton Chronicle
Premise: Search and Rescue, Paramilitary, High School
Genre: Mecha Sci-Fi
Feel: Medium [a mix of seriousness and comedic moments]
Realism: Realistic

Starting Year: 2100 IY [Imperial Year]

Planet Name
Kallista "The Emerald Lady"

Planet Type
Temperate [Earth-like, 60% Water/ 40% Land]
Gravity: 1.0
Seasons and Months: As Earth
Size: 1 1/2 size of Earth

Density: Moderate
Composition: Human normal

Tech Level: 7-8
[Most technology is Tech 7 with advances in medical, military, and starfareing in the TL 8 range]

Moons: 2
Terraformed already when Colonists arrived

"The Lady's Companion"
Earth's Moon, Ruins located but currently unexplored

Port Facilities
Ground: Moderate [Minor Starport]
Space: Moderate [Minor Spinner Station]
Stargate* [Currently Inoperable for some reason]

Planetary Population: 100,000 Human, 50,000 Eloman, 25,000 Half Eloman [estimated average]

Island of Kallisto
“Most Beautiful” in Greek Mythology

The Island of Kallisto is roughly 20% larger than the Country of Ireland with 4 almost concentric Islands about 10-20 miles offshore in an almost Diamond like pattern, if one was to look at the area from the sky. The First Settlers arrived planet side aboard "Colonystar Freeman's Bounty" a large Colony Ship having found itself adrift due to damage sustained via a skirmish with Pirates and the Systems Stargate acting strangely, this was 150 years ago.

Several Ruins of what seem to be a far older civilization have been found in the few hundred miles from the ocean which intrepid explorers and homesteaders have found in the dense woodlands, plains, and mountains of the eastern most part of the Island and it's 2 closest Islands, simply referred to by the people of the Island as Children of Kallisto. 2 of the 4 smaller islands, which oddly enough encompass a mass of almost exactly half that of the main island, have been named by their settlers Leto to the south, and Aegle to the east. The other 2 Islands have not been approached nor explored as of yet though they are viewable from both of the islands mentioned, one from Leto and the other from Aegle.

There is one major city called Barnacus as well as 3 other locations of settlers. Hunters Glen, Greyridge, and Cathis are the farthest to the closest of locations to Barnacus and have varying amounts of townsfolk.

Various Monsters and Natural Animals abound on Kallisto and to some degrees the other Islands as well. Some scholars argue that something happened on the Island in the distant past that either changed the original inhabitants or perhaps they simply vanished, either way it is one of several mysteries about the Kallisto and her sisters that is open for exploring.

The over all 'feel' of the setting is a almost seamless mix of both Eastern and Western Cultures, or at least that's what I'm going for.

This is all I have right now for an actual background for the Island and it's sister Islands for now. I did this as a way to give the player characters a chance to explore a new unknown areas in a true adventurer sense.

More to come and to be found out in game!!

Character Creation
Power Level 7
Power Points 105
Maximum Skill Modifier +17 [Ability Rank+ Skill Rank + Advantage Rank = Power Level +10]
Attack & Effect*, Toughness & Dodge, Toughness & Parry, Fortitude & Will [No more than twice the Power Level total, i.e. Toughness& Dodge could be both +7/+7 or +10/+4 etc.]
* If an Effect has no Attack Roll then the Maximum Effect is +7

Character Abilities
Strength, Stamina, Agility, Dexterity, Fighting, Intellect, Awareness, Presence


Close Combat [FGT]
Blade [Knives, Swords, etc]
Blunt [Maces, Axes, etc]

Ranged Combat [DEX]
Automatic Weapons
Heavy Weapons

New Advantages
Mecha Piloting [must obtain or suffer -5 to Vehicle Rolls]
Mecha Gunnery [must obtain or suffer -5 Combat Rolls]

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