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 Post subject: People Amok
PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:44 am 

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Haven't played in sometime and truly at this point really don't care too. there are certain players whom think they rule the chat just because they are friends or some such crap with the admin. Got news for these problem player; Stay out of things that don't concern you and quit running people off because you believe anyone who types less than a paragragh is a poor player. Most of you forget the basics of a writing or probably read too many idiotic books on writing prose. A strong description is not filled with ten verbs, and numerous large words. Simple is better. Too much detail ruins a game, just as much as not enough.

Second of all playing your SLs in a public room when other people are playing characters not in your group is just as wrong as those who are not in your group coming in your rooms. Keep in mind every player comes in to the chat to have fun, and frankly they don't come to be forced to play some wannabe imbecile's SL. Its called manners, what most young players are sorely lacking.

If you find this offensive, I do not apologize. This is just my observation and thoughts.

Thank you for reading this small rant.

 Post subject: Re: People Amok
PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:24 am 
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I would like to remind you, and others, that if you ever have a problem with another player, copy the logs and send them to me. Insulting behavior is not acceptable. The golden rule of the chat is, "Use common sense, and make this is a welcoming environment for everyone." Also see my post about drama and so forth. Particularly this:

Realize that other people have play styles that are different than yours, and as long as they are having fun without interfering with other people's ability to have fun, then their play style is just as "good" as yours.

So if someone is giving you shit, even if they say they know me (especially if they say they know me), kindly explain to them that no one playstyle is "right" or better than another, and ask them to please stop deriding other playstyles because you find it insulting. Feel free to link them to this post.

To anyone reading this who engages in elitist bullshit like that, please stop. If you don't want to play in a chat with people who are "one-liners" or whatever derogatory term you might use, then don't play in this chat. This is a place that is open to all, where everyone should feel welcome and comfortable. Unwelcoming behavior is not cool. Not cool at all.

 Post subject: Re: People Amok
PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:10 pm 

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I'll add my rant too.

To anyone who LOVES to create multiple rooms with silly or insulting names. Stop it. You've done it multiple times, still doing it , and I'm pretty fed up.
And not only me.

Go get a life, find girl or boyfriend, read a book how to treat ADHD - in few words - grow up.

Also am fed up with one player clearly insulting others in EW since longer time. The advices above would also work in this case.

I dont feel like sending logs, but if this note wont help, I'll do it. Cause asking said person to behave gave no success.

End of rant.

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