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Welcome to the unofficial White Wolf unmoderated chat! Please note that this site is not officially affiliated with White Wolf or Paradox Interactive; this is a non-profit fan site, created and maintained in the personal time of those involved.

Chat Features

  • Advanced Character Sheets - Through some programming magic, I've made the character sheets use clickable dots instead of bland numbers. Log in and check it out!
  • Unmod Import - You can import your characters from the old unmoderated chat to here.
  • Constant Development - Perhaps the best feature of all. I'm constantly making the system better, and working with users like you to give them what they want.
  • Flash-based - Uses less resources than Java. You can invite your friends here, and they don't have to download anything special to play (pretty much everyone has Flash installed on their browsers these days).
  • The Features You're Used to, and Then Some - You can make rooms, create password-protected private rooms, send private messages, etc. However, you can also see who is in a room before entering it, send messages to other users, choose which theme to use for the chat, and many other features!
  • One Login - You make one account, and can have any number of characters linked to it. Log in here, and you're automatically logged in to the forum (and vice-versa).
  • Unmoderated, But Not Anarchy - Though this chat is unmoderated, I will nonetheless be on the lookout for people being inflammatory, abusive, etc.
If you find any bugs, would like to request any features, and especially if you know even basic HTML and are willing to help me develop character sheets, please contact me!
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